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This article is about Albert, Sabrina's Quiz Master from Season Two, you may be looking for the occupation: Quiz Master.

Albert aka Quizmaster is a witch who trains and quizzes Sabrina so that she can get her Witch's License.


Albert was Sabrina's Quiz Master in Season Two, with the job of teaching her how to use magic, so that she can receive her Witch's License after a year of witch training. Throughout the year, he was only known as Quizmaster; however, his name is revealed later in the season. Sabrina is underwhelmed when his name turns out to be Albert, so they decide to stick with Quizmaster instead. Though Sabrina likes to work with him, she often finds him annoying.


  • Alimi Ballard did not return after the episode Mom vs. Magic for the shows third season. His absence is most noticeable at Sabrina's celebration for achieving her license in the Season Three premiere.
  • He is the first magical main character to be introduced that doesn't belong to Spellman household.
  • Albert's QuizMaster number was 72469.
  • He lives in the Other Realm with a giant talking mouse for a roommate.


Alberts's magic manifested in blue flashes.

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    Albert. Magic

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