00walter as dolrimple
Background information
First Appearance Sabrina The Teenage Boy
Last Appearance A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It
Portrayed by Walter Jones
Character information
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Species Mortal
Occupation None
Relatives None known

Dolrimple is a character that appears in the Second Season of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. He was played by actor Walter Jones.


Dolrimple (first name unknown) is an African-American classmate at Westbridge High School where he is friends with Harvey Kinkle. Along with Ramage and Baines, they hang out at a garage near the school where they work on repairing an old car. Sabrina Spellman checks out the garage with them while disguised as a boy named Jack Spratsky. He implies his father owns the garage by commenting his father wants to do inventory. He also turns up as a party guest at a party Sabrina throws at her house.


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