Double time

Sabrina struggles to balance work and fun.

Double Time is the second episode of the fifth season and the ninety ninth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina-the-Teenage-Witch-sabrina-the-teenage-witch-477145 320 240

Hilda doing Salem's nails

In an attempt to juggle her hectic academic and social calendars, Sabrina casts a speed spell so she can move faster in time. But while
Sabrina is working in "double time," she unknowingly steals time from Roxie and Miles who move incredibly slow.

Meanwhile, Zelda accepts a position as associate professor at the college, much to the chagrin of her independently minded niece and Hilda, due to the loss of Sabrina, begins obsessively doting on Salem.


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


Double Time Spell

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

Step lively, step quick.
Make me move lickety split.

To Slow Down

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

Step easy, step slow,
Make me stop this go, go, go.


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