Geek Like Me

Libby gets a taste of her own medicine

is the ninth episode of the first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Sabrina sees Libby tormenting a geek and is annoyed at her. Sabrina also decides she wants to join the Science Club, much to the amazement of Jenny and Harvey who think it's extremely "uncool." Sabrina uses her magic to turn Libby into a geek. At first it seems to be working, until Libby takes over the Science Club and turns them against Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Zelda wants Hilda to throw out some very old items (such as a suit of armor and a cannon).

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Zelda makes visor snaps shut again.
  • Sabrina turns Libby into a geek.
  • Sabrina turns Libby back to normal.
  • Sabrina turns Jenny into a geek.
  • Sabrina turns Harvey into a geek.
  • Sabrina turns other students in school into geeks.
  • Sabrina turns herself into a geek.


  • Sabrina: Libby caught me coming out of Science Club.
  • Zelda: You went to Science Club? Oh that’s wonderful.
  • Sabrina: No, it’s not. Now Libby thinks I’m a complete geek.
  • Hilda: I knew this would happen, it’s Zelda’s influence. I begged you to watch TV with me so you’d be normal.
  • Libby: Hey, Cee Cee, nice uniform! What does the 'W' stand for? Where's my brain?


  • The fourth outfit for this episode's opening credits is a black beatnik outfit with hat and glasses. Sabrina says, "Be cool, Daddio!"
  • Libby's friends tease her about pulling her socks up, but in many future episodes, all the cheerleaders do this.It is most notably in Sweet Charity where socks play an unusually large comedic role throughout the episode.
  • The episode title is based on "Freak Like Me," a song by R&B singer, Adina Howard.

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