House of Pi's is the fifth episode of the fifth season and the 102nd overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina and Roxie are teamed together to write a story in an effort to land a coveted spot on the school newspaper. As they both search for a story that is provocative and compelling, they come up with the idea to go undercover as rushees for Morgan's sorority, Mu Pi. But Sabrina has second thoughts on the sorority expose when she learns it could land Morgan and her sorority sisters in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, Hilda refuses to give Salem a spot in her Friday night showcase, so he turns on her by becoming a talent agent handling performers from the Other Realm .


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • Josh and Miles do not appear in this episode.
  • Magic is only used once in this entire episode: Sabrina casted a nonverbal spell on Roxie to make her more perky and friendly when they first arrive at the sorority house.
  • Guest-star Keri Lynn Pratt (Lynn) and Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) previously worked together in Melissa's movie, Drive Me Crazy.
  • This episode reunites Soleil Moon Frye and Mark L. Taylor after he was in an episode of Soleil's '80's sitcom, Punky Brewster.
  • The scene inwhich Salem sings to Hilda in a fruit hat is a parody of the series, I Love Lucy.

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