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Sabrina animation 2

Sabrina using magic. (Click for animation)

Magic is a supernatural energy in the universe that only certain individuals are able to manipulate. Witches are human beings with the inborn ability to use magical energies for a variety of effects. Magic allows witches to override or alter the normal rules of the universe, most often allowing them to make objects appear out of thin air, turn one object or being into another and vanish objects. These magical commands are often referred to as simple spells and charms. In addition, magic also allows witches to influence the course of natural events (for example, Sabrina is able to make Libby trip over her own feet in "When Teens Collide"). These instances of magic are more commonly known as hexes and jinxes.

Types of Magic

Throughout the series, different forms of magic are seen. Magic seems to be categorized as to the result which a given spell results in. Throughout the series there are several magical results which are used often by most of the witches seen. In cases of these types of magic, there is almost always some physical manifestation of the witch's magic,although other magical commands do not always manifest a physical form of magic.

  • Transfiguration or turning something into something else is seen very often and conjuring and vanishing objects and beings out of and into thin air is likely the most used magical command.
  • Hexes and jinxes (as mentioned above) are small burst of magic that can be released for often malevolent purposes. Many times Sabrina and her aunts have cast small jinxes and hexes to cause unfortunate things to happen to others. These are never severe and their target almost always deserves to be on the receiving end.
  • Other forms of magic are complex spells which require incantations and a great deal of magic.
  • Potions are another form of magic used frequently in the show.They are magical mixtures that cause a variety of effects.

Magic Manifestations

  • An individual witch's or warlock's magic appears to physically manifest differently than the magic of others. For example, Sabrina's magic appears as a stream of golden sparks when she transfigures or conjures an object. Similarly, Zelda's magic appears as a stream of violet sparks. Hilda's magic however appears as puffs of white smoke. Many other manifestations of magic have been seen from other witches and they seem to appear in an infinite array of colours and forms.
  • It has also been seen that witches can change the way their magic manifests if they choose.Amanda Wiccan's magic usually appears as multi-colored sparkles, however she briefly changed it to appear as explosions of white smoke in Bada-Ping!
  • Some magic appears to change slightly as a witch gets older. Sabrina's magic starts as a stream of light yellow-gold sparkles. However, as she gets older, her magic seems to get darker; becoming a deeper, rusty orange-gold. Amanda's magic starts as a stream of sparkles (identical in form to Sabrina and Zelda's), however when she gets older, Amanda's magic is accompanied by a ball of orange light that leads the sparkle stream.
  • Some specific spells may manifest magic in a specific way without influence of the witch casting it.
  • In addition to the form and colour of a witch's magic, often witches cast their magic in different ways. The most commonly seen in the series is simply pointing with the index finger such as Sabrina , Hilda , Zelda , Amanda , Irma , etc. However Dreama often pulls on her earlobe to use her magic, Dashiell once rubbed his head, Cousin Marigold and Duke are seen simply waving their hands, Vesta and Dante often snap their fingers, James Hexton and Gwen both make a fist, and Diamond Dave will shake his fist and point as if he's rolling dice. These are just a few of the various ways in which certain witches activate their magic.
  • Different magic manifestations are accompanied by different magical sounds as well.

Limitations of Magic

Although a witch's magic is vast, allowing them to peform a variety of impressive magical commands, there are still limitations to an individual witch's abilities.For example:

  • Love spells are forbidden because it involves human emotions and that is not something witches are permitted to tamper with (although a specialist like Cupid is able to).
  • A single witch is unable to turn back time, however collectively witches are able to do things an individual cannot and turning back time is a request that must be taken directly to the Witches Council.
  • Life's lessons should not be tampered with using magic. They are instances which must play out. Embarassment is one such lesson, while fear is another emotion that should not be tampered with, it can lead to unforeseen consequences.
  • Witches are also warned against using their magic for charitible purposes. As it is difficult to understand what would truly make another happy, charitable magic is discouraged as it too can lead to unforseen and potentially harmful consequences.
  • Money and currency is something that cannot be conjured permenantly. Any money that is conjured simply dissolves within a few hours.
  • In The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie Hilda explained, that witches have to note the copyright (so they can't zap brand names), after the witches in the 70's weared only clothes of Gucci, as Sabrina tries to transform a shoebox with a hair of a cat within, into a packing with Roller Blades. Instead of this, she gets a packing with the inscripton Roller Blanes. Because of this, even witches have to work for their money, if they want brand name things.
  • A witch can bring someone back from the dead. In the Pilot, Sabrina is seen bringing a frog back to life in her biology class (but it was a small animal and a simple life), bringing people back to life may not be so easy. In A Halloween Story however, Sabrina's aunts give her a reanimation voucher as a gift, which allows her to speak with any deceased person she wishes for a short while (she wished to speak with her mortal grandmother). This seems to be a very rare and special exception though. A witch can redeem the voucher only on Halloween, because the dead and the living are closest at that time.
  • Witches' magic also seems to be affected or limited by atmospheric and even astrological phenomena. In Sabrina And The Beanstalk, Sabrina's magic is knocked-out by a high altitude (Although The Wicked Witch was able to use magic),while in Ice Station Sabrina, Zelda worries that the alignment of certain planets will cause the family to lose their powers. It is unknown if these forces act upon all witches in both realms, or just those living in the mortal realm.
  • Vampires are immune to witches magic.


  • Magic Removal is a witches ablity to remove their magic and store it in any object. Witches who have temporarily removed their magic are Sabrina SpellmanHilda Spellman and Zelda Spellman. But if they want to take back their magic, they just need to receive it with different way like touching or drinking it. 
  • Certain astrological events can have an effect on magic. One of the biggest astrological events for magic users occurs once every millennium: when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all aligned in the ninth parallel of the seventh quadrant, magic will completely disappear from the world until the event is over.

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