Magic can manifest in various different ways. A user of magic usually has a form that their own personal magic takes. Here is a list of some of the forms magic can take (note: some magic users have completely unique forms, example- Cupid ):

Notable Magic Manifestations


Tiny colored sparks that either swirl around, envelope around, or radiate from the targeted object/person. This is the most common form that magic takes in the series.

User Examples- Sabrina Spellman, Zelda Spellman, Amanda Wiccan, Duke, Racine, Gwen, Dante, Cinderella


A thick cloud of smoke veils the object/person. The puff of smoke can either have an explosive effect or a calmer misty effect.

User Examples- Hilda Spellman, Zsa Zsa Goowhiggie, Drell, Doubt


When a spell is cast, the entire room fills with flashing light. The effect of the spell flashes in and out with the light until the magic has taken full effect.

User Examples- Vesta Spellman, Mortimer Spellman, The Quiz Master.


The target of the spell begins to glow with colored light. In some cases, the target's shape can expand or distort as it glows.

User Examples- Dreama and Destiny


The person/object shines with rays of bright light usually emanating from the contours of the target.

User Examples- Susie Spellman, Other Realm Judges, Bob Bermuda


Colored magical energy radiates throughout or around the contours of the target, sometimes swirling around the target in a similar way to some examples of the sparkle form.

User Examples- Roland, and Dashiell Calzone


Users generate a bolt of electricity that travels through and around the target.

User Examples- Irma Spellman, Zeus, The Fates, Merlin


Flames engulf the target. This can appear as rising fire, or a fiery explosion.

User Examples- Lucy, Martha (using potion), Pele, Seth


The target is shrouded in tiny particles other than sparkles. This can appear like: dust, sand, snow etc.

User Examples: James Hexton, Mother Nature, Frankie Avalon, Santa Claus, Danny

Light Ball

A ball of light is created by the spell caster that glows, or expands around the target.

User Examples: Will and Ed


A laser beam shoots around or through the person or object.

User Example: Diamond Dave, The Wicked Witch, Peter

Light Contour

The magic radiates from the object desired, sometimes has sparks.

User Example:Veronique, Emperor Larry , Edward Spellman, Cyrano/Sabrina, The Witches Council 

Tornado Form

The object or person appears enveloped in a tornado

User Example: The Barman Witch

Smoke Stream

A stream of smoke whirls around the object or person

User Example: Patty


Slime shoots from the user, covering the target.

User Example: Doris West


  • Witch's magic manifestations (with exception of Vesta) didn't really start to appear until the second season. The only other exception is in the Pilot when Sabrina turns Libby into a pineapple, one golden sparkle erupts from her finger. For most of the first season, things would appear/change behind an explosion of smoke, or by simply popping or fading in without any special effect.
  • Witches can change their magic manifestation at will or by their personality such as Amanda choosing smoke form in Bada-Ping! then going back to comet stream sparkles in Sabrina's wedding after she sees Sabrina dying from second hand smoke (oddly she lived with Hilda who used smoke form magic and never had a problem,although Hilda's magic immediately dissipated after used and wasn't as large as Amanda's).
  • In When Teens Collide, Sabrina switched personalities with Libby and became evil. This caused her gold sparkles to become crimson red until their personalities were switched back.
  • Hilda uses smoke form, but in Sabrina and the Pirates her powers, when confined in the jar, look exactly like Zelda's violet sparkles but green. When the pirates get their magic jars ,they use Hilda's magic as green sparkles to create explosions on impact.
  • At various times at Christmas, witch's magic manifests as green and red: In Sabrina Claus when Sabrina sends a present to the russian man from whom she stole a baked potato,she zapped the present in red/green sparkle,Zelda also summoned Johnny Mathers and he appeared in red and green musical notes. In Christmas Amnesia when Sabrina learns the meaning of Christmas she is surrounded in the Christmas sparkles. In Sabrina's Perfect Christmas , to put Roxie's presents under the tree Zelda shoots out red stream and Hilda sends a green one, and the two streams combine together.