Sabrina transports herself magically.

Sabrina: "I don't know molecular transference!"

Zelda: "Sure you do. You know how to zap yourself from one place to another!"

Molecular Transference is when a witch magically transports her/himself from one place to another. This can be used to travel great distances and between realms in a matter of seconds. This was the first test Sabrina was given by her Quiz Master in order to get her Witch's License. Most witches can also transport people with them.


  • Skilled witches can change the way this ability manifests. This was shown when Amanda Wiccan started travelling by smoke as opposed to her usual magic form. (Seen in: "Bada-Ping!")
  • Forms that create a lot of noise upon entrance can also be changed so that the user can use their usual magic to dematerialize, but then quietly flash into the desired location. This was seen a couple of times when Hilda Spellman needed to zap herself into a room without people hearing. (Seen in: "Suspicious Minds" and "Sabrina's Perfect Christmas")