Sabrina's Choice is the twenty fourth episode of the second season and the fourty eighth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina plays one aunt against the other to get her way, Hilda and Zelda decide it's in Sabrina's best interest if they live in separate homes. However, the situation becomes a great deal more complicated when the witches council rules that Sabrina must choose between her aunts. Sabrina gets to see her future with Hilda and her future with Zelda to decide with which aunt she wants to stay. With Hilda, Sabrina become a slob, and Harvey marries Libby and has a child with her. With Zelda, Sabrina becomes a scientist that has to discover why Harvey's body has dissolved. This is when Sabrina decides that she must reunite her aunts so they can all live together.


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • Valerie does not appear in this episode.

    An on-set photo, signed by Ru Paul

  • For all the scenes in Hilda's new house, the image is mirrored. This was done before in the Season 1 episode "Sabrina Through the Looking Glass."
  • When Mr. Kraft sees the paper disappear, he blamed his ex-wife. We later find out that his ex-wife Lucy Kraft is a witch, in the Season 3 episode Mrs. Kraft.
  • Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell crossed over as their characters from the Nickelodeon show Kenan & Kel in this episode.
  • Celebrity drag queen RuPaul makes a special guest appearance in this episode as a Witch Judge. He appears in the episode dressed as a woman and as a man.
  • When the Witch Judge says "And I'm thinking Orpanhage" is a parody of Oliver Twist when Bill Sykes says that to Fagin about Oliver.

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