Sabrina clause
Sabrina Claus is the twelfth episode of the second season and thirty sixth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.                                                             


After she develops a mild case of egotitis, Zelda and Hilda decide to call upon a special person named Bob from the Other Realm to help Sabrina with her problem. When Sabrina learns that Bob is actually Santa Claus during the course of their day spent together, she begins to panic when he gets hurt and is unable to deliver the world's presents. Hoping it will help cure her problem, Zelda and Hilda make Sabrina do Bob's job while they take care of him. As a result, Sabrina gets over her case of egotitis and gets numerous thanks from Bob as a result.


Sabrina: So I can’t decide whether I shoot for (a) The computer and the mountain bike, (b) The computer and the ski jacket or, (c) All of the above.

Harvey: Boy, I’d hate to be there if you got a savings bond

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Hilda conjures a decorated Christmas tree, and Zelda sends it away.
  • Sabrina takes a baked potato from an unknown man.
  • Sabrina takes Hilda's asparagus.
  • Sabrina conjures Zelda's blouse.
  • The psychiatrist summons Sabrina's inner child and sends her back again.
  • Sabrina takes a Johnny Mathis Christmas album.
  • Sabrina's presents disappear.
  • Sabrina takes an old man's cane.
  • Hilda improves the Christmas tree.
  • Sabrina conjures her vacuum cleaner and dresses Salem like Rudolph.
  • Sabrina gives Libby love for her stepbrother.
  • Sabrina's presents reappear.
  • Sabrina sends a present to the man she took the baked potato from.
  • Santa conjures presents for Hilda and Zelda.
  • Santa goes up the chimney.
  • Sabrina conjures mistletoe.
  • Zelda summons Johnny Mathis.

To summon Bob

Sung by Hilda and Zelda: Bob, Bob, Bob, BOB


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