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Sabrina and the Pirates is the fifteenth episode of the third season and the sixty fifth overall episode of Sabrina

The pirates get Hilda and Zelda's magic

the Teenage Witch


In the basement, Hilda and Zelda are looking for the Family Secret board to display the clues when they find three pirates. Hilda had forgotten to release them so the Witches Council orders Hilda and Zelda to rehabilitate them. They try to teach the pirates to live civilly.

Meanwhile, Sabrina and Valerie try to get into an over-18 club to see N'Sync, but as they are 17, Sabrina gets some fake IDs from the Other Realm. After the concert, Sabrina's ID begins to talk and tells her that since she got a fake ID, now her magic is also fake.

Also, Salem keeps breaking the Family Secret board and tries to put it back together before all the chaos ends and Hilda and Zelda find out.


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


To Send the Fake I.D.s back to the Other Realm

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)

Two of two I.D.s do I wield,
Take them back so my magic will be real.


  • Libby and Mr. Kraft do not appear in this episode.
  • The bouncer at the club does not recognize Sabrina and Valerie two times after they tried to get in for the first time.
  • When Sabrina flies into the living room, she is dressed like Peter Pan, the classic J.M. Barrie character who never wanted to grow up.
  • Salem: Long live the teen.

    This is an pun to the phrase "Long live the Queen".

  • In its purest form, Hilda's magic appears as a stream of green sparkles that ends in an explosion.

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