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Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a supernatural sitcom focused on half witch, half mortal Sabrina Spellman. A young teenage girl who struggles to keep her magic from interfering with her social, romantic and educational life.

PLEASE NOTE: This wiki is only for information from the 1996-2003 TV series and its two TV Movies. No information from comics or animated series should be added. Thank you.

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  • discussion page Songs
    comment by Redrice 4 days ago
    Comment: Do you mean season four or five through seven them song cause those ones have lyrics to them . Were season one through three do not 
  • edit Harvey Kinkle
    edited by Redrice 4 days ago diff

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  • discussion page Talk:Katrina Spellman
    new comment by Redrice 5 days ago
    Comment: Really I thought for years that was Katrina.
  • discussion page Sabrina
    comment by Redrice 5 days ago
    Comment: I just think that different show have different rules when it come to magic.
  • discussion page Merry Christmas
    comment by Redrice 5 days ago
    Comment: This episode was very funny especially Salem erasing Bobunk and know one has any idea what that is.


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  • discussion page Talk:No Place Like Home
    new comment by PurpleSeek
    Comment: Sabrina jumped WAY to conclusions. She didn't even get the whole thing when she watched her friends on the channel.
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  • discussion page The Future of Sarvey
    comment by Redrice
    Comment: She be fine
  • discussion page Sabrina the Writer
    comment by Redrice
    Comment: Well Sabrina was a writer for the West bridge high newspaper since season 2 I think she just sucked at creativity writing which was what she had to...
  • discussion page Talk:Josh Blackhart
    new comment by Redrice
    Comment: I think the engagement story would be better with him then Aaron

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