This page provides a general outline and synopsis of each season.

Season One

  • In Season One, Sabrina Spellman discovers she's a witch, and although she's apprehensive about the situation, she soon begins to accept it. She uses her mystical powers to benefit herself, rescue Jenny Kelley, help out Harvey Kinkle and get even with Libby Chessler at times.

Season Two

Season Three

  • In Season Three, Sabrina can't get her witch's license until she solves the family secret. Meanwhile, she and Harvey are dating, and Libby turns on the peer pressure. Zelda Spellman also starts dating Mr. Kraft.

Season Four

  • In Season Four, Sabrina is a high school Senior, but Valerie has moved away and Libby is off attending private school. In their absence, Sabrina finds herself mentoring a young inexperienced witch named Dreama all under the eye of Harvey's new friend, Brad Alcerro, the descendant of witch hunters. Sabrina also starts working at the local coffee house and meets Josh Blackhart, whose friendship with her leads to a break-up with Harvey. Meanwhile, Hilda acquires a clock shop.

Season Five

Season Six

  • In Season Six, Sabrina is still at Adams College and gets a job on a city newspaper along with Josh, who is now her new boyfriend. Harvey also returns dating Morgan. Hilda gets married.

Season Seven

  • In Season Seven, Sabrina is out of college and working at Scorch Magazine. Meanwhile, her aunts have moved on and left her the house which she moves into with Roxie and Morgan. She also meets Aaron Jacobs even though Harvey still remains a friend in her life.