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Susie is a member of the Spellman family and a do-gooder. She is the illegitimate daughter of Hilda and Zelda's Uncle Clyde.

Susie is a kind, sweet hearted woman who does many selfless acts but has the appearance of a stereotypical, ugly witch with green skin and warts.

In the Season 3 episode "Sabrina and the Beast," Susie visits her younger cousin Sabrina to discuss the family secret, and has to teach Sabrina a lesson about what matters most; looks or personality. At the end of her visit, she gives Sabrina a clue to the family secret: a whip. She also gives Sabrina another clue, telling her "We all have good and bad parts", possibly referring to the answer to the family secret.


  • She could be the opposite of the Wicked Witch of the beanstalk as she is attractive and beautiful, but pure evil. And Susie is unattractive, but kind hearted and sweet.

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