Terrible Things

Sabrina and her Aunts are brought before Drell

Terrible Things is the fourth episode of the first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Salem accuses Sabrina of being selfish and she resolves to use her magic to do three good things. Both Salem and her aunts warn her of the terrible consequences of interfering with mortals' lives, but she ignores them. First up, she arranges for Jenny to win the election for class president against Libby. Next she causes a minor accident to happen to Harvey's competition for a place in the football team so that he gets selected. Finally, when Mr. Pool complains about being poor, she gives him the secret of changing lead into gold. Pretty soon however, the gifts turn sour - Jenny discovers that she can't make a real difference, Harvey gets injured in the football game, and Mr. Pool becomes more obnoxious. Then, Sabrina gets summoned before the Witches Council, and Drell orders Sabrina to undo her spells in 24 hours.


  • Jenny: I don’t get it, why doesn’t anybody want to support the outsider party?
    Sabrina: Maybe because you named it after their biggest fear?

  • Drell: Hilda, what's in your hair?
    Hilda: My new boyfriend likes it this way.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina changes her outfit.
  • Sabrina makes sides of ballot box split open.
  • Sabrina makes Randy slam the locker door on his hand.
  • Sabrina gives Mr.Pool idea how to turn lead into gold.
  • Hilda repaires broken violin.
  • Drell makes Marge explode.
  • Sabrina makes Mr.Pool forget how to turn lead into gold.
  • Sabrina conjures a briefcase.


  • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is a construction worker costume with hard hat and shovel. Sabrina says, "I'm ready to clean my closet."
  • Tom McGowan who guest stars as Principal Larue and Paul Feig (Mr. Pool) also co-starred together in the 1995 Disney movie Heavy Weights.
  • This is the only appearance of Principal Larue despite his numerous references throughout the first three seasons.

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