Orion welcoming Hilda and Zelda.

"Welcome to Celestial Bodies, where you can feel supernatural naturally."

Celestial Bodies is an Other Realm Spa that Hilda and Zelda visit for a vacation in "A Doll's Story " They give complimentary seaweed juices at the counter.  Each room comes with a mini-bar with a bartender eager to serve you drinks, which is a waste, Zelda states, because their is a convenience mart right across the galaxy. Each room also has a sign up sheet for each person in the room to sign up for treatments. When a treatment is circled, a voice from the ceiling confirms or when crossed out, cancels.
Mini bar


Madame Epidermis

Madame Epidermis


  • Solar Bronzing Treatment
  • Essential Honey Dip - "You are dipped into a human-sixed beehive, you emerge soft and supple with just a little bit of a buzz."
  • Madame Epidermis - "The most famous facialist in the Realm . You have to book her appointments 50 years in advance. Her technique is so fabulous that your face feels as if it's actually been grafted with baby butt skin."

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