The Rule Bearer reading the rules on a scroll.

The Rules of the Realm are strict rules that all witches that live in the Other Realm must follow. The rules are always announced by the official Rule Bearer.

The Rules of the Realm

  • 1. No Spitting.
  • 2. All Giants must wipe their feet before entering...(not finished)
  • 56. All witches must eat their carrots.
  • 57. Bats may not be kept as pets.
  • 58. Not using double negatives will be disallowed.
  • 59. All children under 10 must be accompanied by monkeys.
  • 60.No switching channels between the programs.
  • 61. All rules must have a beginning, a middle, and an end, except
  • 555. No Blubbering 
  • 714. Any mortal who passes into this realm shall be transformed into a creepy crawly thing.
  • Loop Hole for rule 714: Mortals without conscious knowledge of the realm may pass in and out of it freely.
  • 803. For every rule there is a loop hole.
  • On Friday the 13th, witches can tell mortal they're a witch and they can know for a whole 24 hours.

The Witches Council's Rules 

The Witches Council is also the important mainly organization in The Other Realm. The Witches Council has had a long standing history of creating and instituting laws that govern the magical population in both the mortal and the other realm. Some of these laws make sense while others seem ridiculous. Some of decrees of the Witches Council of note are:

  • When a witch marries a mortal and they produce a child, that child must only learn of their magic on their 16th birthday and after that they are not to see their mortal parent face-to-face or that parent will be turned into a ball of wax. This is to discourage mortal/witch intermingling.
  • Witches are forbidden to use their magic for charitable means because "terrible things could happen" as a result.
  • Witches are forbidden to use magic to influence human emotions such as love.
  • Witches are forbidden to tamper with life lessons, such as dealing with embarrasment.
  • Individual witches are restricted in their ability to alter time. Most witches are able to stop time in close proximity to themselves and some are able to advance it, however few individual witches can reverse time. This is however a feat that witches collectively can achieve.
  • When a witch first kisses a mortal that is their true love, that mortal is transformed into a frog. In order to turn that mortal back, the witch must face three trials in order to determine if it is true love; a test of friendship, a test of fidelity and a test of faith. If the witch fails then they are turned into a frog as well.
  • Once a witch turns seventeen, they must be tested for a year by an assigned Quizmaster in order to be granted their Witch's License. If a witch fails their first test, they are sent to Witch Boot Camp for a day.
  • Young witches are required to solve their family secret by a certain date otherwise they are fined and will not be able to use their Witch's License. Their guardians must encourage them to solve the secret as well.
  • If a witch freely tells a mortal that they are a witch and that mortal betrays them by telling another mortal, that witch has 12 hours to turn that mortal into a pile of stone or they will be stripped of their magic and cast out of the Other Realm.
  • Witches are forbidden from using magic to conjure Thanksgiving dinner, in protest of witch-hating pilgrims.

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