The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie is the 3rd episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina is disappointed with a pair of rollerblades she conjured, she is persuaded to look for a job. She soon finds one babysitting job and even turns it to her advantage when she agrees to meet up with Harvey for a study date. Unfortunately, this apparently agreeable situation doesn't last for long when she accidentally turns the little baby into an adult with a spell she doesn't even realize she casted. She then has to seek help without anyone else realizing the baby problem.

Meanwhile, her aunts are attending parents' day at the school and while Zelda flirts with Mr. Pool, Hilda faces her school anxiety.


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Hilda conjures ice-creams in the freezer.
  • Zelda closes the freezer door.
  • Sabrina conjures Rollerblaws (an Other Realm knock-off roller-bladed).
  • Hilda makes snow stop falling.
  • Sabrina accidentally uses a passion spell to turn Rady into an adult.
  • Sabrina tries to reverse her spell but fails.
  • Hilda makes chalk write on the chalkboard LOSER.
  • Zelda uses a passion spell to summon Randy Travis.
  • Sabrina uses a passion spell to turn Rady back into baby.
  • Sabrina uses a passion spell to summon Eddie Cibrian.


Passion Spells-if witches want something enough and say it three times it might just happen. To Turn Rady Into An Adult

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)
Come on, be a big boy, be a big boy, be a big boy.

To Turn Rudy Back Into A Baby

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman )
Boy big a be, boy big a be, boy big a be.

To Summon Randy Travis

(cast by Zelda Spellman )
Randy Travis,Randy Travis,Randy Travis.

To Summon Eddie Cibrian

(cast by Sabrina Spellman)
Eddie Cibrian,Eddie Cibrian,Eddie Cibrian.

To Summon Brad Pitt

(cast by Sabrina Spellman ) - unfinished
Brad Pitt,Brad Pitt,Brad Pitt


  • Sabrina: I’ve found all kinds of great stuff. It’s er, not brand name but I’m sure it tastes fine.
  • (She hands over a selection of candies and puts some cans of soda on the coffee table.)
  • Harvey: (Reading the wrappers) ‘Schnickers’? ‘N and N’s’? ‘Butterthumb’? Where do these people shop?
  • Sabrina: I don’t know but if you're thirsty there’s ‘Popsi’
  • Harvey: Do they have ‘You-hoo’?
  • Sabrina: No, but they have ‘Hey, over here’
  • Harvey: I think I’ll just have a diet Popsi.
  • Hilda: I need a piece of sky with a smidge of smoke and a slightly bulbous doohickey.
  • Zelda: Here you go.
  • (She hands the piece to Hilda and she fits it in the puzzle.)
  • Hilda: You know it’s funny but when you live a thousand years, jigsaw puzzles don’t seem like such a waste of time.
  • Mr. Pool: All right, er since we’ve covered so much material today I’m going to move the test up to tomorrow. Have fun studying.
  • Harvey: But Mr. Pool, tonight’s game four of the World Series!
  • Mr. Pool: No, really? Well since I’ll be stuck here hosting parents' night I guess we’ll all be missing the series together. Vindictive? Perhaps but it’s what gets me through the day.


  • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is a big chicken mascot outfit. Sabrina takes off the head and says, "I've got to get better at this magic!"
  • Libby and Jenny do not appear in this episode.
  • We find out that witches can not zap in brand name items because witches in the 70's, "way overdid the Gucci."
  • Sabrina lives at 113 Collins Road.
  • When Sabrina accidentally turns Rudy into an adult, she mentions a radioactive spider as something to blame it on. This is how Spiderman acquired his powers.
  • Frank Conniff, who portrayed big Rudy in this episode, appears briefly in the season finale as Prince Randy.