At the end of the series finale "Soul Mates," Sabrina and Harvey realise they're soul mates with their Soul Stones, as they ride off into the day on Harvey's motorcycle, right after Sabrina decideds to cancel the wedding with Aaron at the last. freaking. second. Then I read that if it went on to an eight season, Harvey and Sabrina would move in to a haunted house and Great Aunt Irma would become a main character. But then that got me thinking about the future of Habrina/Sarvey. Not the near future, but the future future. Like Zelda said, "You're built for the long run" to Sabrina, what would happen when Harvey finally dies? Sabrina is half witch, which even though that doesn't let her live for as long as full witches, she still lives longer than mortals. Eventually, Sabrina would out age Harvey and live past him all the way until he dies and past that! And since Harvey was her soul mate, what would happen to her soul stone? Would it never have another soul mate? Maybe her soul stone would change to fit another soul mate, right? So why not Dashiell? I was rooting for him in the beginning. And since Dashiell is half-mortal, too, he'd live as long as Sabrina too! 

And before Harvey keels over, what if they have kids? Since Sabrina is half witch and Harvey is mortal, would that make their child a full mortal? If that wasn't the case then would he/she be a 1/4 mortal? 

Please share your answers/theories!

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