• TheFanatic

    Ok, so I've always liked to consider that Sabrina takes place in the same universe as Bewitched and here's how I made the connections:

    Samantha is actually a Spellman: Her father, Maurice, is the brother of Aunt Irma and Sabrina's grandfather (who we never meet), making him actually Maurice Spellman which in turn, makes Sam the first cousins of Hilda, Zelda, Edward, Vesta, and Sophia.

    The reason that there's no mention of a "Queen of the Witches" in Sabrina like there is in Bewitched is because the monarchy was overthrown sometime in the gap between the end of Bewitched and the beginning of Sabrina, making the Witches Council the head bitches in charge.

    The reason that Tabitha can do magic at her age despite being half-mortal is because her p…

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  • TheFanatic

    Spells Trouble is a show I've been working on -- A NEW sitcom about a witch giving up her OLD ways.

    A young witch in her early 20's, decides to give up the evil ways of her family who come from a long line of wicked witches, and move to the Mortal Realm, and live on the straightened arrow.

    --Arabella "Bella" Lenox -- (Kaley Cuoco)

    Bella comes from the Lenox Family, a clan of witches who've been known to be very evil in the Other Realm. Bella, who's known as the "Paris Hilton of witches", is one of the most notorious wicked witches of her generation, decides to give up her wicked ways, and move to the mortal realm to turn over a new leaf, but it isn't as easy as she thinks. Her wicked ways follow her, and her own magic of course, gets her into …

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