Westbridge High School is the local school in Westbridge, Massachusetts that Sabrina Spellman attends and graduates from; starting at age sixteen and graduating at eighteen. It seems to be in walking distance of the Spellman House as Sabrina often heads home between classes; yet, in other episodes, Sabrina sometimes rides a bus or have her aunts drop off objects. Their football team is known as the "Fighting Scallions." (Season 1 - 4)

Notable Staff Members

Eugene Pool (Season 1)
Willard Kraft (Season 2-4)
Mrs. Quick - algebra teacher and mentor for school newspaper (Season 2-4)
Principal Larue - principal(formerly)(Season 1-3)
Mr. Rothwell - Sophomore algebra teacher (Season 1)
Mr. Franco - Creative Writing teacher (Season 3)
Mrs. Hecht - Sophomore history teacher (Season 1)
Mrs. Bogzigian - Home Ec teacher (Season 1)
Nancy - Nurse (formerly) (Season 1)
Stone - Janitor (formerly) (Season 1)

Notable Students

Sabrina Spellman (Season 1-4)
Jenny Kelley (Season 1)
Harvey Kinkle (Season 1-4)
Libby Chessler (Season 1-3)
Valerie Birkhead (Season 2-3)
Dreama (Season 4)
Brad Alcerro (Season 4)
Gordie (Season 1-3)
Emma (Season 1-3)
Jill (Season 1-3)
Cee Cee (Season 1-3)
Dolrimple (Season 2)
Ramage (Season 2)
Baines (Season 2)


  • The school used in the exterior shots of Westbridge High School is actually Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, New Jersey.